Xian Lim, ibinisto ang modus ng production team ng sariling jowa

Actor Xian Lim possibly made a huge blunder that may result in them being included on the immigration watchlist.

In his Instagram post, Xian posted a photo taken during the pre-production of the movie’ Kuman Thong, ‘ which his partner, Iris Lee, produced in Thailand.


In the photo, taken during a meeting before their flight to Thailand, Iris is seen giving instructions to his production staff on what to tell the immigration officials.

The instruction showed that their production staff should tell the immigration that they’re not going to Thailand to produce a movie.

Some netizens believed that Iris asked her production team to purposely lie to the immigration officials about their real intention in Thailand.

“Lowkey admitting that the Filipino movies taken from other countries are borderline illegal,” netizen Tenwina said.

“Mas kikilatisin mga Pinoy na papasok ng Thailand kung sakali,” another netizen commented.


However, some netizens said that many Filipino movies produced in other countries did the same thing to save money.

“This isn’t actually an uncommon thing. Most Pinoy films shot abroad are done by guerilla shooting kasi it raises the budget too high to do otherwise. Watch interviews of actors/directors of movies shot abroad when they promote they’ll freely say they had to hurry, no time to set up, they shot ng patago in public. And we’re not the only country that does this. Feeling ko Hollywood lang siguro ang mas consistently gagawa na permitted lahat, but even then sometimes hindi pa rin lalo na pag smaller studios more so if indie,” a netizen said.

As of writing, Xian and Iris have yet to comment on the said photo.





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