Mo Twister, ipinakita ang mga kalmot sa mukha sa gitna ng hiwalayan nila ni Angelicopter

DJ Mo Twister dropped a huge revelation during the latest episode of Good Times With Mo.

In the episode, Mo talked about his separation from his partner, Angelicopter, and their issue was already heading toward divorce.


Mo even gave a hint about how his condition in the previous months by showing several scars on his face.

When one of the hosts asked if there was a third-party involved on the issue, Mo refused to disclose it, saying that he wanted to protect his children.

Some show subscribers said that Mo didn’t intend to show the photos and quickly removed them when he realized that they were being shown on screen.


“He shared something na Chopper made him feel like he’s a burden whenever he’s sick like when he has a fever.. so sorry for him to live a married life like his,” one of DJ Mo’s listener said.

“Hearing about their relationship during podcasts I always wondered how Mo held up being in that kind of situation for so long. I always felt that Chopper is this kind of an ultra alpha female, na sobrang woke. I always assumed that they are very good parents to their kids thats why they are still together. Pero as a husband and wife, i did not think that their marriage was about that anymore, but more on as parents nalang. And we all saw even the toughest guy that we know gives up. People will always have an enough is enough point, no matter how long it takes to get there. Basta ako, I never liked her and I always saw her as a self righteous s.o.b. , thats always the case most of the time mga 90% ;), when a person never accepts defeat even in the littlest arguement. But I never doubted her being a good mother, just wish it stays that way at least for the kids,” another netizen said.


The recorded version of the episode was also deleted on YouTube.

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