Talent manager, ibinunyag na pinisikal siya ni Jed Madela

Jed Madela was in hot water after his talent manager, Annie Mercado, publicly called out the singer for allegedly using his new single, “Wish u the Worst,” to secretly criticize his management.

In a Facebook post, Annie said the song was about them.


“Since he went public via a song, I am no longer going to keep quiet about this person. I’m naming him don’t worry. This song is about relationships but we’re not d*mb to think its not about us, the very family who took good care of him and loved him from the day he set foor in Manila. So yeah I’m not playing the game of this ungrateful man anymore,” she said.

“Wish u the worst” (his new song) – this song tells you so much about the kind of person the singer truly is. Title pa lang he invested oon negativity na. Its full of negativity, hate, and bitterness always playing the “victim” when is is the offender. He’s always played the game “if the shoe fits”… Well sorry, I don’t wannt play…. I don’t hide behind songs and post with double meanings.


“Jed Madela, don’t taunt me with a song. Panindigan mo yan ha. Let’s go to the press and tell all. If you don’t wannt, I will think people wanna know the truth,” she added.

The talent manager also revealed that Jed became physical with her when the latter was allegedly asking for money.


“Its all about money for Jed. He got physical with me because he wants more money (details soon). Fame and fortune got to his head he forgets. He actually said it that money is more important to him than family. People will eventually see the really person that he is,” she said.

As of writing, Jed has yet to give his response to his manager.

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