Wally Bayola, nakita kasama ang dating EB Babe dancer na si Yosh Rivera

The meeting between Eat Bulaga hosts and former members of EB Babes gained attention on social media after some netizens started to reminisce about the past.

In an Instagram post, Ciara Sotto published the meeting between the Dabarkads and former EB Babe dancers Yosh Rivera and Mergene Maranan.


“Photos from that super fun night,” she shared.

Ciara didn’t elaborate on the purpose of the meeting, but some netizens believed it was just a normal reunion between the Dabarkads.

The photo quickly went viral as many netizens thought that Wally and Yosh had no connections since the issue happened in 2013.

It can be recalled that Wally temporarily left Eat Bulaga after a video of him with Yosh went viral on social media.


Yosh also quickly left EB Babes and decided to pursue a private life.

Wally returned to Eat Bulaga and became one of the few celebrities who survived a big controversy.

However, even today, the said ‘controversy’ is still mentioned from time to time by the netizens, but Wally has already learned how to ignore it.

Some netizens made their comments after seeing the photo.


“Talamak talaga sa eb na pinapatos pati co host nila… ilang beses na nagyari to kay bossing and then nagka anak pa nga sila ni connie r while married kay dina,” a netizen said.

“Girl, bata kapa nung nakuha ni Wally at maganda. May career ahead of you that could change your life. Sayang talaga. Babalik ka lang din pala kay Wally. Jusko di naman ganun kayaman si Wally tapos hindi pa gwapo at higit sa lahat may asawa. Pwedeng pwede ka makakuha nuon ng mayaman, gwapo at binata. Sinira ni Wally buhay mo,” another netizen remarked.

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