Xian Lim, inamin na hiniling kay Kim Chiu na i-anunsyo ang kanilang breakup noong nobyembre palang

Xian Lim admitted that he asked his ex-girlfriend, Kim Chiu, to announce their breakup since last year.

In an interview with the Inquirer, Xian said that since last year, he has been criticized online due to netizens’ uncertainty regarding the status of his relationship with Kim.


Due to the criticisms he received online, Xian said he ‘begged’ Kim to release a statement to announce their breakup.

However, Kim asked him to postpone their announcement due to work-related reasons.


“I was actually begging Kim, saying we should release a statement that we’ve already gone our separate ways, that we separated on good terms at walang sigawan. Of course, there were tears, pero walang masamang tinapay. I said, ‘Can we just release it? A lot of people are getting dragged into this, including my mom and grandmother,'” said Xian.

“I begged her that both of us could release a statement, but she said not yet because they’re doing the press launch of her series. I said, “But this isn’t work-related. It’s personal.” That’s the truth to it,” he added.


Last December, Kim finally announced that she parted ways with Xian already after 12 years of relationship.

Several months after their breakup, Xian admitted that he was dating film producer Iris Lee.

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