Tito Mars, dinepensahan ang sarili matapos ang kanyang ‘sardinas challenge’: ‘Mahirap lang din po ako’

Content creator Tito Mars finally addressed the criticism he received on social media following the videos he uploaded showing him acting like he was forcing himself to eat canned sardines.

The videos went viral on social media, as many netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment that the content creator made fun of one of the most affordable foods that a common Filipino could eat.

Even celebrities like Pokwang have already made a reaction to Tito Mars’ videos.

As a response to the netizens, Tito Mars made a video explaining his side and insisted that he didn’t mean to disrespect the Filipino poor.

“Unang-una ho, hindi po ako mayaman. Mahirap lang din po ako,” said Tito Mars. “So bakit ko kailangan bastusin ang pagkain ng mahihirap? Kung babastusin ko ‘yon edi direkta din akong matatamaan ‘don, kasi mahirap lang din po ako at hindi ako mayaman,”


He said that he never uttered a word against canned sardines.

Tito Mars also said that he would respect the netizens’ reaction to his videos and told them to stop watching him if they didn’t like his contents.


“Meron po kayong kalayaan, choice niyo po kung paano ko iintidinhin ang mga videos na inilalabas ng mga content creator na inilalabas ko,” he stated.

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