Anak, nagreklamo kay Tulfo dahil sa kulang ang sustento na kanyang natatanggap sa kanyang ama

An episode of Wanted sa Radyo hosted by Sen. Raffy Tulfo went viral on social media and received mixed reactions from the netizens.

In the episode, a mother and child complain about their patriarch and accuse him of not giving them enough allowance.


Ma. Alexandra Ortega and Liza Vergara claimed that their patriarch, Mr. Rolando Ortega, was already not sending enough allowance to them since having another family with his new and third partner.

According to them, the initial agreement was that Mr. Ortega would send P500 a day for the allowance to Alexandra; however, as time passed, the defendant was no longer fulfilling his obligations.

“Last na bigay niya noong Sabado, 200 pesos lang po. Hanggang ngayon wala na po,” said Vergara.

Meanwhile, Alexandra said that she was not mainly complaining about her father but against Mr. Ortega’s new partner, saying she always opposed her attempt to ask for allowance.

“Pag hinihingian ko na po kasi si papa, sumisingit po talaga lagi ‘yung babae niya po na parang wala na po siyang karapatan na magsalita sa akin kasi po palagi nalang pinapangunahan nung babae,” Alexandra said.

“Doon po ako nagagalit sa babae kasi po palaging nangingialam. Hindi po siya dapat mangialam kasi hindi ko naman siya ka-ano ano,” she added.

She alleged that her father’s new partner convinced him not to support her.


Meanwhile, Mr. Ortega said that in addition to the P500 daily allowance, he also shoulders all the payments for utilities.

However, the complainant insisted that their allowance decreased due to Mr. Ortega’s third family.

Mr. Ortega’s legal wife also joined the discussion, saying she no longer asked for support as she knew the defendant’s situation.

The defendant became emotional as he tried to explain his situation, saying that he was already too old and too weak to work every day.

While she wanted to receive P500 a day, Alexandra clarified that she would accept a lower amount of allowance.


“Kung hindi mo kaya ng 500, pwede naman nating babaan,” she said.

Before the show ended, Mr. Ortega expressed his love to his daughter, saying that he would never stop supporting her as he wanted her to finish her studies.

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