David Licauco nagpaliwanag sa kanyang tila malamig na trato sa mga fans na nagpakuha ng larawan sa kanya

David Licauco received criticism on social media after he was spotted seeming to rush to go inside his car while some fans were still lining up to have a selfie with him.

In a tweet, David could be seen leaving when some fans started to ask him for a photo.


The actor only accommodated two fans as he quickly rushed to leave the place.

Some netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment as they believed that David treated his fans coldly.

However, David quickly defended himself, saying that he didn’t feel well during that time.

“May sakit ako niyan beh tapos 1am na yan hehe sorry po. Bawi ako next time ha,” said David.


Some netizens said that David should decline the said individual instead of forcing himself to be polite.

“Sorry David pero sa totoo lang you could turn them down in a much nicer way, you could always say pasensya na bawi ako next time masama pakiramdam ko. Pero kitang kita kasi na your annoyed and irritated ka,” netizen Kluen said.

However, David’s fans believed that people should be responsible when approaching celebrities.


“Annoying kasi kayo! Sa ibang bansa d naman ganyan mga fans ah give these celebs personal space and time. Tao din mga yan napapagod, may bad mood, may sakit, may iniisip. Buti nga nag pa picture pa din yung tao,” a fan remarked.

“Dont say sorry. they invaded your personal space and kinunan nila ang time mo na dapat nagpapahinga ka na. rest well! sana gumaling ka na!” netizen Ken commented.

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