Miel Pangilinan, tinapos ang katahimikan sa mga haka-haka na siya’y anak ni Rico Blanco at KC Concepcion

Miel Pangilinan ended her silence over the longtime urban legend surrounding her.

On her social media page, Miel shared an appreciation post to her father, Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta.


“Thank u for creating me. I’m forever thankful for the support I get from the both of you, I am who I am because of you. I love you both forever and ever,” said Miel.

However, a netizen mentioned the said urban legend, saying that she was the daughter of OPM artist Rico Blanco and Sharon’s eldest daughter, KC Concepcion.

Miel quickly responded to the netizen.

“Anak daw yan ni Rico Blanco,” the netizen said.

“Hindi daw sabi niya,” Miel responded.

The Urban Legend:

In 2021, the urban legend about Rico and KC’s relationship went viral as some netizens pointed out that some songs the artist wrote were a secret message to tell the world about his past relationship with the megastar’s eldest daughter.


They pointed out that Miel was born in 2004, suggesting she may be Rico and KC’s secret daughter.

Rico and KC reportedly had a relationship from 2003 to 2005.

“Bottomline is, Rico is the Father of Miguel known as Miel. Miel is the said to be adopted child of Sharon Cuneta – Pangilinan but the truth is, Miel was the product of Rico and KC’s (Sharon’s daughter to actor Gabby Concepcion) love,” the post reads.


“Rico loves KC so much that the song Balisong was dedicated to her. Rico and KC once confirmed that they were dating then at Bali, Indonesia. Eventually, they broke up and then came out the song called 241 (My Favorite Song). KC threw a word that she will be going to Italy for something like a vacation or a workshop but the truth is, she was hiding her pregnancy caused by the Rivermaya frontman,” it added.

However, many netizens debunked the said urban legend, saying that Miel has the features of Pangilinan.

“May mga nagpapakalat at naniniwala pa rin pala na anak siya ni Rico Blanco. Hindi pa ba halata ang Pangilinan side nya sa facial features nya. Kahawig na nga nya si Candy [Pangilinan] eh,” a netizen said.

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