Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador, may mensahe sa mga vlogger na ‘ginagatasan’ si Diwata

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador addressed the content creators who complained about why internet sensation, Deo Balbuena, also known as “Diwata,” was reportedly prioritizing the popular content creators who visited him, instead of small-time vloggers.

It can be recalled that some content creators expressed their disappointment after they noticed Diwata becoming more accommodating with popular vloggers like Rendon, and Alex Gonzaga.


They also complained about why Diwata was limiting the area where vloggers could film their content.

Diwata already made a plea to some content creators to give him privacy.

However, Rendon said that small-time vloggers should learn not to film Diwata only for views and money.

According to him, it would be better if vloggers helped Diwata to promote his business.


“Tulungan kasi natin sa pag content para ma promote siya, huwag yung i content ninyo para gatasan sa mga views ninyo,” said Rendon.

Some followers of our website believed that Rendon was correct.

“Tama ka po idol.. yung iba kasi diyan mag-fe-feeling vlogger tapos gagamitin si Diwata. Tapos kung hindi mapansin ni Diwata kung ano-anong isyu ang gagawin para mapansin… Tulungan sana wag hilahin pababa,” netizen Bot said.

Meanwhile, Diwata said that he didn’t mind being filmed by content creators, saying that they’re the reason why his business became popular.



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