Kasal ni Andi Eigenmann at Philmar Alipayo, hindi matutuloy

Andi Eigenmann said that she postponed her wedding with Philmar Alipayo due to the unfortunate things that happened recently.

In an interview, Andi explained that her mother, Jaclyn Jose’s untimely passing was the reason why they’re not planning to tie the knot this year.


She admitted that she was still mourning what happened to her mother.

“Honestly, we wanted to get married this year. But under the circumstances, we decided to wait a bit. It was supposed to be for mom,” said Andi.

“Slowly, I hope I will get there. But I know she is proud, she loves me, and her grandchildren so I will focus on the good things, and my family,” she added.


She also shared that her children accepted what happened to their grandmother.

“It is touching. My two younger children, without having to explain, they understand the situation. We always go to Manila, so they always look for ‘Nanay.’ They really wondered. But now, I think they understand now. Which is weird, since they are so young,” she stated.


It can be recalled that Jaclyn passed away last March due to heart condition.


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