Pokwang, magsasampa ng reklamo sa US Embassy para pilitin magsustento si Lee O’Brian

Comedian Pokwang was not yet over with her ex-partner Lee O’Brian, who was recently deported out of the country for working without proper documents.

Despite her proclamation in the past that she could only move on when Lee already left the country, Pokwang hinted last Friday that she would do her final task for her mission to achieve her “peace of mind” by ensuring that her former partner would give child support to their children, Malia.


Her plan was revealed when some netizens criticized her decision to petition Lee for deportation after their well-publicized separation.

“Kanino ako hihingi sayo? Bwak bwak bwaaaaakkk!! Embassy na maghahabol diyan dahil doon ako magsasampa ng reklamo,” she wrote.

She also answered the netizens who questioned her work in America, saying that, unlike Lee, she had the proper documents to perform in other countries.


“Manginig pa kayo dahil magsasampa ako ng child support sa US Embassy dito,” she stated.

Pokwang also insisted that Lee’s deportation was only the rightful scenario after what he did to them.

It can be recalled that Lee was deported on April 8, 2024, after his motion for reconsideration was denied by the Bureau of Immigration.


Pokwang’s camp also celebrated the deportation of Lee, saying that what happened to the American actor proved that the justice system is working in the Philippines.

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