Netizens binatikos ang Eat Bulaga dahil umano sa pangagaya nila ng segment

TV5’s noontime show Eat Bulaga raised the eyebrows of It’s Showtime fans after they introduced their new segment, “That’s My Boyfriend.”

The said segment was a talent search for a talented, confident met with supportive partners.


Some It’s Showtime fans believed that the segment was copied to It’s Showtime’s “Expecially For You”

Especially For You is a segment where a guest player tries their chance to find a new love, but the twist is, that their ex will help them to choose a potential partner for the contestant.

According to some, It’s Showtime Fans, the concept of Eat Bulaga’s new segment was similar to Expecially For You, prompting them to urge the longest-running noontime show to cancel it.

Some of them suggested that it would be better for Eat Bulaga to revive their classic segments, including “That’s My Boy,” or “Super Sireyna” instead of copying from their competitors.


“That’s My Boyfriend halatang ginaya ng Eat Bulaga ang Expecially For You ng Its Showtime
No originality at all and at the end of the day mas sikat pa rin ang segment ng its showtime!” netizen Rachel said.

“Please please stop with that’s my boyfriend and more time on sugod bahay,” netizen Sinclair commented.

Even some Eat Bulaga fans were disappointed by the segment.


“Sana that’s my boy n lang miss that potion than boyfriend .. found kinda boring haba ng segment sana mas masaya ung acting sa sugod!! Constructive criticism,” netizen Bevs remarked.

However, some netizens reminded that Expecially For You was also inspired by one of the segments of TV5’s now-defunct noontime show Tropang LOL.

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