Karylle, ipinagtanggol si Janella Salvador matapos tanggihan ng aktres ang request ni Kim Chiu

Karylle defended Janella Salvador amid the criticism being received by the latter after her guesting on It’s Showtime.

It can be recalled that Janella went viral on social media last April 5, after she refused a request from It’s Showtime host, Kim Chiu who asked her to give a sample of her new song.


“Sample naman Janella sa bago mong…” Kim asked Janella.

Janella quickly refused without even waiting for Kim to finish her sentence.

“Medyo paos ako today, kayo na lang. Next time, promise,” she said.

During an interview with DJ Mo Twister, Karylle said that Janella had a valid reason to refuse Kim’s request.


“It’s just that Janella is not feeling so well, and she’s preparing for her big concert, and she’s doing movie press. Siguro she’s not able to really rest and recover properly. So, we just asked her to do ‘sampol, sampol,’ but she wasn’t ready for it coz, obviously, she wants to be on tip-top shape for her concert,” she said.

“So, yeah, yeah, it was like a little moment that, you know, parang maybe to some people online, it meant something. But, you know, she just really couldn’t sing at that moment,” she added.

Karylle also believed that Janella only said “kayo nalang” to reference the moment between Anne Curtis and Kim.


It can be recalled that Janella received criticism from Kim’s fans, which prompted her to release a statement.

Video of Karylle defending Janella Salvador and her “joke” on It’s Showtime
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