Janella Salvador, sinagot ang mga netizens na binatikos siya dahil sa pagtanggi niya sa request ni Kim Chiu

Janella Salvador’s It’s Showtime guesting last Tuesday went viral on social media after her exchange with one of the hosts of the program, Kim Chiu, was uploaded on the internet.

The actress received mixed reactions after she refused the request from Kim who asked her to give a sample of her song, “Headtone.”

“Sample naman Janella sa bago mong…” Kim asked Janella.

Janella quickly refused without even waiting for Kim to finish her sentence.

“Medyo paos ako today, kayo na lang. Next time, promise,” she said.

As a result, Janella raised the eyebrows of thousands of Kim’s fans and called out the former for her way of refusing the host.

In a statement, Janella apologized for her unintentional gesture and insisted that she didn’t mean to be disrespectful towards It’s Showtime hosts.

“I will always be assertive but never disrespectful. If you can’t tell the difference and find something wrong with that, then you’re a people pleaser and again,” she said.

Janella also warned her critics not to mention her child on the issue she was facing.

Janella’s followers expressed their support for the actress, saying that they didn’t see anything wrong with her answer.

“I watched the episode so many times but I still can’t find any issues with it. janella declined in a respectful manner. kinda disappointed with vice’s shady remarks & Kim and vice staying silent amidst the issue knowing it was their fans who started it. ang oa nyo sm,” Netizen Loe said.

“Not a fan of Janella but I think the way she talks, she didn’t mean anything. It’s the people who’s making issue on that. I don’t know her that well pero wala talaga akong nakitang she did mean anything about that. Nagka issue lang kasi panay edit yung mga tao. BE KIND!” netizen Hya remarked.

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