Jake Ejercito, pumalag matapos banggitin ng netizen ang pananahimik niya sa isyu noon ni Albie Casiño at Andi Eigenmann

Jake Ejercito couldn’t stop himself from answering a netizen who accused him of not defending Albie Casiño when the latter was facing all the criticism after being accused of being the father of Andi Eigenmann’s daughter, Ellie.

It can be recalled that in 2011, Albie’s bright future in show business was ruined after his ex-girlfriend, Andi, became pregnant and told the public that the actor was the father of her daughter.


Despite Albie’s denial, the public didn’t believe him and even criticized him.

The issue caused him to lose millions of pesos in contracts and future projects.

“How about I lost a lot of millions of pesos worth of projects and endorsements from that? And it wasn’t just a P100,000, bro. It’s a million pesos worth of, I guess, damages,” he said.

“That’s literally money they put out of my bank account. That’s money that could have changed my family’s life. Money that could have changed my life, right? So how can I be okay with them? Why would I be okay with them?” he added.

It turned out that Jake was Elli’s real father, but the effects of the issue on Albie were already irreversible during that time.


An innocent comment from Jake on social media revived the talks about the issue after netizen Ivan mentioned his silence on the issue.

Jake then called out Ivan for his comment.

“Ivan **IS** a clout chaser who comments without knowing the facts and the whole story. He can’t even spell names right,” he wrote.

Albie said in a past interview that he already met Jake personally and he was the one who clarified that he doesn’t have any problems with the latter.


“Lumapit ako [kay Jake. Sinabi ko], ‘I’m sure you know who I am. Wala akong problema sa’yo. I hope you have no problem with me personally’.” said Albie.


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