Rob Gomez at Herlene Budol, pinagkaguluhan ng mga fans sa Hong Kong

Rob Gomez and Herlene Budol were swarmed by their fans during their separate visit to Hong Kong during the Holy Week.

Several fans shared their excitement on their social media pages, showing how Rob and Herlene didn’t refuse to accommodate them despite having a vacation.

It was found that Herlene and Rob had their own itinerary, and it was unknown if they had met.

Herlene was traveling with her former manager, Wilbert Tolentino, while Rob was traveling with another group.

It can be recalled that Rob and Herlene faced controversy after their private exchange was uploaded on the internet.

The two were co-stars on GMA Network’s show, “Magandang Dilag.”

The said convo sparked the speculations that Rob and Herlene were allegedly having an affair, but the two denied it.

“Showbiz nga talaga! Pag dedicated ka sa trabaho. Gagawan ka ng issue!” said Herlene. “Dati asa #wowowin gumawa ng issue na buntis daw ako. Ngayon naman sa #MagandangDilag may issue uli na buntis ako uli? Ano sa susunod? Sa #BlackRider mabubuntis ako uli?”

Meanwhile, Rob’s former partner, Dr. Shaila Rebortera met with her lawyers during the heat of the issue.

However, it’s unknown if the doctor pursued filing a case against the people involved in the issue.



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