Tuloy ang kaso? Partner ni Rob Gomez na si Shaila Rebortera, nakipagkita na sa mga abogado

Miss Millenial 2018, Dr. Shaila Rebortera met with her lawyers amid the issue being faced by her partner, Rob Gomez.

In a Facebook post. Atty. Alex Avisado Jr. of Gana Atienza Avisado Law Offices shared his meeting with Shaila.

“Meet Dr. Shaila Rebortera, the woman caught in the middle of this viral infidelity issue. Welcome to GAA Law! May the truth prevail,” Atty. Avisado said.

It’s not yet known why Shaila visited the said law office.


However, Atty. Avisado said that he was willing to help Shaila with her problems.

“You know we have a soft spot sa mga inaapi,” the lawyer stated.

Netizens also expressed their support for Shaila.


“Top caliber lawyers of GAA Law. Definitely, she will receive the best legal service from Atty Alex Avisado Jr and team,” netizen Randy Escolongo said.

“She’s in good hands with GAA Law brother,” netizen All commented.

“Go Doc Shaila Rebortera, you’re in competent hands, laban lang!” netizen Osang remarked.


It can be recalled that Shaila was suspected of uploading the private conversation of her partner with other women, including Herlene Budol, Bianca Manalo, and Pearl Gonzales.

Meanwhile, Herlene said she might file charges against the individual who uploaded her private convo with the actor.


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