Netizens sinuportahan Sen. Win Gatchalian matapos magbigay ng reaksyon sa isyu ng partner na si Bianca Manalo

Senator Win Gatchalian made a very short answer about his reaction to the controversy being faced by his partner Bianca Manalo.

It can be recalled that Bianca’s private conversation with her ‘Magandang Dilag’ co-star Rob Manalo was uploaded on social media.

The conversation showed how Bianca asked the Kapuso actor to visit her and even him that ‘someone’ was not around at that time.

In an interview, the lawmaker was all smiles when he answered the question from the media about Bianca.


“No comment,” he said.

Some netizens reacted to Gatchalian’s short comment.

They also noticed that while the lawmaker was smiling, his eyes showed a different thing.


“Gentleman Sen. Win. for choosing not to speak. Nasaktan but di mananakit physical man or verbal. Saludo ako sau,” netizen Clang said.

“Napakabait ni sir..hindi niya deserve masaktan.haissttt..makikita sa mata ni sir,” netizen Aj commented.

“Nakakaawa naman.. Kita sa mata nya yung lungkot,” netizen El Cid remarked.

Meanwhile, Bianca already released an official statement, denying that she had an affair with her co-actor.


She explained that she only asked Rob to visit her so she could personally receive the gift that the actor prepared for her.

However, many netizens didn’t believe Bianca’s explanation and challenged her to release the full record of their conversation.

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