Partner ni Sen. Gatchalian na si Bianca Manalo, nagsalita tungkol sa kumakalat na ulat tungkol sa kanila ni Rob Gomez

Bianca Manalo released an official statement amid her rumored affair with her ‘Magandang Dilag’ co-actor Rob Gomez.

It can be recalled that Bianca and Rob’s conversation was uploaded on social media without any permission from the two, showing the exchange of their messages.

In the said conversation, it can be seen that Bianca asked Rob to visit her.


“Kaya mo pumunta that early? 7am? He’s not here. He’s in Valenzuela,” she reportedly told Rob.

However, in her statement, Bianca called the rumors surrounding them false.

“Rob Gomez and I are friends and co-workers. He was going to bring Christmas gifts and I wanted to receive them early before I leave for the airport,” said Bianca.

“It is upsetting that our conversations were exposed without my consent, which is a breach of privacy and the cause of so much online bashing. It is obvious that parts of our conversation were deleted to create malicious insinuations,” she added.


Some netizens didn’t buy the explanation from Bianca.

“The “he’s not here, he’s in Vakenzuela”. Paano yun? Mgiisip talaga ng iba ang tao,” netizen Mrssong said.

“Why would he spend time giving you gift? Are you that special ba talaga? Driving over going to your place. Sorry and letting him know that your partner is not in your place,” netizen JN remarked.


They also challenged Bianca to reveal their full conversation.

However, several of Bianca’s celebrity friends, like Tim Yap, expressed their support to her.


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