Cherry White, inireklamo ang nobyong si Boy Tapang kay Raffy Tulfo

Influencer Cherry White asked Senator Raffy Tulfo’s help to fix her problem with her partner, Ronnie Suan, who’s popularly known as ‘Boy Tapang.’

In the episode of Wanted sa Radyo, Cherry said that Ronnie made several false claims against her, pushing her to ask the lawmaker’s help.

She even said that her relationship with Ronnie started to be good. However, their arguments started when the content creator became jealous of her connections with other men.

One of the accusations made by Ronnie against Cherry was the alleged plan of the latter to hack his Facebook page.

She even showed several screencaps of her exchange with Ronnie to prove her point.

The interview received negative reactions from the netizens who accused Cherry and Ronnie of creating a scene to gain views.

“Idol wag nyo pag aksayahan ng panahon mga tao n yan gumaqawa lang istorya yan. … Yung tulongan nyo yung mga taong kailangan mga walang kakayahan….mga vlogger yan kaya magaling gumawa kwento,” netizen Besterioriva said.

“Ang dami pang mas mahalaga problema ang mga mahihirap na maaga pumipila jan.dapat yun ang priority haaaays,” netizen bossrowel said.

However, some fans believed that the said episode would be beneficial for both Cherry and Tulfo.

“Naku para lang mag viral gagamitin pa programa ni idol.. Sabagay give and take lang nman. For sure marami ding manonood nyan sa issue na yan kaya kikita din sila idol. Other side kay cherry white nman mag viral sila and para sa additional followers nila,” netizen Vincent remarked.

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