FPJ’S Batang Quiapo actor Ricardo Cepeda, nangangalap ng isa’t kalahating milyong piso para sa kanyang legal fees

Robert Go, the fraternal twin of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo actor Ricardo Cepeda launched a fundraising to gather enough money for the latter who’s currently behind bars due to estafa charges.

It can be recalled that he received charges from the customers of SPVTOP International Inc., which allegedly offered 96% annual interest to their investors.


However, Ricardo said in a past interview that he was not part of the company and was only hired as an endorser.

In his post on February 29, 2024, Robert explained why his brother was wrongfully accused and insisted that the actor had no position in the company.

Robert also disclosed the financial problems being faced by Ricardo, saying that the actor was forced to abandon his current and future projects due to the case.


“Beyond being a passionate actor, Ricardo is my fraternal twin, a devoted father, brother, and friend. United, we feel the weight of the burden he carries. The accusations have not only taken an emotional toll but have also led to significant financial strain. Since October, Ricardo had to abandon projects, and has exhausted all his savings and no longer has income. As he remains in custody in the Philippines until now, with no definite sign that he will be given his day in court, the mounting legal fees further exacerbate his financial challenges and driving him deeper in debt,” Robert wrote.

He then explained that Ricardo was required to pay $500 per appearance, aside from the attorney’s fee.

“Richard’s journey through the legal system has been arduous. With 23 hearings scheduled between February and June 2024, the financial burden is overwhelming. Each court appearance costs at least $500.00, in addition to mounting attorney’s fees. The physical toll is equally daunting, as Richard must endure grueling journeys over bumpy roads for 3-4 hours each way from where he is being detained. The sacrifices extend to his wife, Marina, who makes the same journey from Manila to stand by his side at every hearing,” he said.


“Despite our hopes, the recent developments have dashed them. Despite clear evidence of Richard’s innocence, the sluggishness of the legal process and the scheduling of a nationwide prosecutor’s conference in March and a Holiday in April have delayed any possibility of bail until April 18, 2024, at the earliest,” he added.


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