Ricardo Cepeda ipinaliwanag kung bakit inosente siya sa kasong kinakaharap niya: “Product endorser lang ako”

FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star Ricardo Cepeda insisted that he was innocent and confident that he would be a freeman again soon.

In an interview with Julius Babao, Ricardo said that he was surprised when his name was included on the charges filed by several investors against SPVTOP International Inc., which a certain Brick Agcopra owned.

According to several reports, the company offered their investors a 96% annual interest, which was already considered too good to be true profit.

Ricardo said he didn’t even know the investors were charging him.

He met Agcopra on a group chat of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadets, saying that the company’s CEO was one of the most generous donors of their outreach projects.

“Very helpful siya, minsan nahihiya ako kasi ako nagdo-donate ng P2,000, P5,000, minsan P10,000 biglang siya magdo-donate ng 40-50 thousand kagad so sabi ko very successful siya, but very generous,” he narrated.

The actor said that after a year, Agcopra reached him and asked him to be part of the company, which he thought was only selling cellular load and, later on, newly invented products.

“Sabi niya ‘kailangan kita as a endorser or brand ambassador, so ang gagawin mo lang kapag nandito tayo sa mga business meetings you just say your experience’ so he gave me samples muna, [sabi niya] try mo muna, if you like them then we will talk’ e talaga namang effective,” he stated.

Ricardo was impressed by the products, including the electric saver, so he accepted the offer to become a brand ambassador.

The only thing he knew was the company was offering potential investors to build a branch of their store, and they would supply the products for them.

“Some is going to open a regional branch, siya ‘yung kukuha ng bultong products and siya ‘yung mag distribute so he gets bigger discounts,” he remarked.

He was informed later that SPVTOP started to raise funds to boost the production of their inventions, but only for selected people.

Several months later, he heard some news that many people were already demanding to receive their profits from the money they invested in the company. Still, he never thought that he would be included in the charges.

“I don’t work for the company. I don’t go to the office na papasok ako,” he insisted.

Ricardo expressed his frustration as he was forced to spend money to defend himself despite no evidence against him.

He also encouraged the officers of SPVTOP to surrender and talk to their investors.

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