Ricci Rivero’s video while shouting at a fan resurfaced on social media

As Ricci Rivero faced criticism after his separation from Andrea Brillantes, some netizens recalled one of the biggest controversies the newly drafted PBA player faced.

In 2018, Ricci, who was a member of Gilas Cadets, went viral on social media and received a tremendous amount of negative comments from netizens after he was recorded after their frustrating loss during a basketball game against Dela Salle University (DLSU) Green Archers.

While entering the dugout, Ricci was approached by a female fan who asked him for a selfie.

However, Ricci suddenly shouted at the fan.

“Pwede mamaya na?!” Ricci said.

The fan was later escorted away from Ricci.

Ricci then approached a cross and started to pray solemnly.

Some netizens found the acts done by Ricci on the video as peculiar.

After the incident, Ricci released a statement to apologize to the female fan and to the public, explaining that he was only disappointed by the result of the game.

“I had a bad game, it was frustrating loss. This was during my first game out of and against La Salle. Dugouts are our only private place to pour our emotions seconds after an important game, ’twas just the most inapproriate time and place for a self. Hence, I still own up to this unacceptable behavior,” Ricci said.

“To the girl in the video and to all that are affected and are disappointed, I am a work in progress and I sincerely apologize for my imperfections. Thank You po,” he added.


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