Francis Magalona fan writes open letter to Abegail Rait: “Respect the First and Original Family!”

A fan of Francis Magalona couldn’t hide her disappointment towards Abegail Rait, a woman who claimed to be the last partner of the master rapper.

In her Facebook post, Sheryl Frank said that even if Abegail kept her silence for 15 years, it would not change the truth that she was the other woman of Francis.

According to her, the fact that Francis didn’t reveal his relationship with Abegail in public meant that she was still a paramour of the former Eat Bulaga host.

“Well that’s we all thought. 15 years later after he passed, here come a woman who claimed to be his other significant other when he was still alive. A woman who had a guts to claimed that the relationship that they shared was real and he loved them as much. That other people can judge her but 15 years was enough to kept her silence. The nerve of this woman,” she said.

“Girls.. whether a MARRIED man tells you and show you how much he loves, how much he cares, if he kept you and hid you.. You are nothing but a Mistress!! It will never and ever be right to be with someone who is Legally and Officially Married to someone else! Never ever try to hurt other woman for the sake of your own happines.. Don’t become the reason of other woman misery..I know that the child has the right to be known as his daughter but I don’t understand why some women in social media defending this other woman here..just because Francis M is dead, doesn’t give him the right to be in favor,” she added.

She urged Abegail to respect the Magalona family and stop talking about her relationship with Francis.

“I repeat.. Regardless of circumstances..Being Other woman is WRONG, VERY WRONG,” she stated.

It could be recalled that even Francis’ former publicist, Pilar Mateo, said that the Magalona family was disappointed by Abegail’s appearance in public.

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