Ai-Ai delas Alas slams Barley company for claiming that she was hospitalized: “Ginagawan n’yo ako ng sakit. Walanghiya!”

Comedian Ai-Ai delas Alas expressed discomposure after she was featured in an advertisement for a health supplement without her permission.

In her Facebook post, Ai-Ai informed her fans that she was not endorsing any product and criticized how the company tried to portray that their supplement cured her.

She was referring to an ad that showed her lying on a hospital bed, which was taken in one of her projects.

According to her, the company made it look like she was treated for a health problem, and the product saved her from hospital bills.

Celebrity doctor Willie Ong was also used in the said campaign.

“Mga walanghiya kayo. Buwisit kayo talaga eh. Mga kampon kayo ni Satanas,” said Ai-Ai. “Ginagawan n’yo ako ng sakit. Walanghiya, ginamit n’yo pa ‘yung picture ko doon sa teleserye namin eh, ‘yung ‘Raising Mamay’, na may sakit ako sa ospital,” 

“Mga walanghiya kayo. ‘Yun pa ‘yung talagang ginamit n’yo para makapagbenta kayo niyang tinitinda n’yong produkto. Sinasabi n’yo pa na-stroke ako? Mga p*nyeta kayo! Hirap na hirap ako mag-exercise para maging healthy ako tapos… gagawan n’yo ko nang na-stroke ako. Diyusko ‘day. Anong klaseng mga tao ba kayo?” she added.

It’s unknown if Ai-Ai would file charges against the company that used her to promote its products.

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