Bea Alonzo contradicts fiance Dominic Roque, no wedding plans yet and Daniel Padilla is also invited

Bea Alonzo contradicted the statement made by her own fiance, Dominic Roque, who said that they were already planning for their upcoming wedding.

In an interview with Very Wang, Bea denied that they were already planned for the wedding venue and listed their guests already.


Last month, Dominic said they planned to wed outside the country and insisted that his former friend, Daniel Padilla, was not invited.

However, Bea’s statement opposed Dominic’s answer during the said interview.

She was also unsure if they would invite KathNiel to the wedding.

“Wala pang plano… Dapat lalake ang mag plano,” she said.

Bea even said they have no plans for the upcoming Valentine’s.


According to her, they’re very busy on her projects.

Several netizens expressed disappointment to Bea’s statement.

“I hate you Bea for outright disrespect for your fiance Dom. You made him look a liar because of your denial re wedding preps. Who is really a liar? Siguro it’s better for you to stay single and keep on acquiring money and assets. Besides baka nga hindi ka na rin magka baby at your age,” netizen Mina said.


“Ganito sya sumagot kay Gerald dati. Busy sya eh. Contradicting din mga sagot nya, sa latest vlog may save the date na tapos sasabihin mo wala pa, walang ideal wedding, wala pa or wala na? These two are so bad in hiding, napaka transparent kasi nila sa Social media. Not wearing an engagement ring is a sign something is wrong,” netizen Maj remarked.

It can be recalled that some netizens noticed that Bea was not wearing the engagement ring she received from Dominic.

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