Pura Luka Vega tumangging humingi ng paumanhin matapos makalaya: “What do I apologize for?”

Controversial Drag Queen Pura Luka Vega refused to apologize after being freed from bail on September 7, 2023.

It can be recalled that Pura was put under the custody of the authorities following the charges filed against her by the religious group Hijos del Nazareno’.

After posting bail worth 72,000, Pura said that she felt that there was nothing to apologize for after performing a remixed version of ‘Ama Namin’ while wearing a Jesus Christ costume last July.

“If I apologize, what do I apologize for? Cause I do apologize if they get offended, but the ownership of Jesus is something that I think anyone can own,” said Pura. “Anyone can have a strong belief of Jesus. Anyone can also express their faith, no matter how different it may be,” 

She clarified that he strongly believes in God.

“I don’t think I would apologize for that. I strongly believe in the divine being. I strongly believe that Jesus is really for everyone, including the queer people,” he also said.

It can be recalled that aside from doing the controversial performance, Pura also gained criticism after he made a review about Sacramental Bread from different churches and gave them ratings based on their texture and taste.



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