Drag artist na si Pura Luka Vega muling binatikos dahil sa kanyang ‘Ostiya review’

Drag Artist Pura Luka Vega gained the attention of the netizens again after he made a food review about different sacramental bread also known as ‘Ostiya’.

In his video, Pura who’s wearing a Jesus Christ costume could be seen tasting different Ostiya from different Churches in the Philippines.

He rated the holy bread based on its ‘design, crispiness, taste, and wow factor’.

“Consistent. Masarap siya. It has different designs, it’s cute,” Pura said while describing one of the Ostiya he was reviewing.

The video was uploaded during Holy Week, but it only received many views when he became popular due to his ‘Ama Namin’ performance.

Netizens couldn’t stop themselves from criticizing Pura, since Ostiya symbolized the body of Christ.

“Alam mo bang napakasagrado Ng Ostia,,,anong naisip mo bakit ginawa mo Yan,,siguro ginamit Ka Ng dyablo para gawin yan,” netizen Nathaniel said.

Aside from Pura, an Ateneo student also went viral last March for doing the same ‘Ostiya’ review and it even forced the school to suspend its masses as an act of reparation and atonement.

It can be recalled that Pura received a persona non grata declaration in different provinces in the Philippines because of allegedly making fun of the Catholic religion.

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