Kalyeserye 2.0? E.A.T host Atasha Mulach meets Lola Belen

E.A.T hinted at the launch of their version of Kalyeserye, which became a popular segment of their former show Eat Bulaga in 2015.

In a Facebook post, they introduced their new character ‘Lola Belen’ portrayed by Wally Bayola, who also acted as ‘Lola Nidora’ during the original Kalyeserye.

There’s also a hint that Atasha Mulach would act as Lola Belen’s grandchild like the original story of Eat Bulaga’s popular show.

It can be recalled that Kalyeserye became phenomenally popular and skyrocketed the fame of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards.

Wally’s career was also revived because of the said segment after the big issue he faced after his video with an EB Babe dancer circulated on the internet.

E.A.T. fans couldn’t hide their excitement and wished that TVJ Productions would become successful with the possible remake of Kalyeserye.

“Nakaka gud vibes c atasha walang kaarte arte kahit mukhang sosyal ang itsura at npka galang.n bata,marunong cia.kumonek s masa as legit dabarkads,galing pa sumayaw,” netizen Luckylee said.

They’re also asking if Maine would become part of the new segment.

However, there’s a possibility that Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc. would also try to protect the Kalyeserye branding as they’re the ones who currently own its trademark.

Critics also believed that Kalyeserye’s popularity could not be replicated again by E.A.T.

As of writing, TVJ Productions has yet to give an exact date for the launch of their new segment.



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