Netizens calls the attention of MTRCB after Joey de Leon’s ‘lubig’ comment: “Wala talagang pinagkatandaan”

Netizens called the attention of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) after E.A.T host Joey de Leon made another remark during the Gimme 5: Laro ng Mga Henyo segment.

In the said segment, the contestant was asked to guess five things that could be hanged to someone’s neck.

When the contestant started to guess the answers, Joey could be heard trying to assist by saying that he should try answering ‘rope’.

“Lubid lubid, nakakalimutan niyo,” said Joey.

The said remarks weren’t received well by the netizens who called the joke from Joey ‘insensitive’ to the people experiencing mental health problems.

“The world is a better place if only Joey de Leon knows how to keep his mouth shut. ANUNA MTRCB?!!! ANUNA LALA SOTTO??!!!” netizen @ALTKapamilyaCH said.

“Anu na lala sotto. Pustahan tayo wlang statement iyan. Sasabihin na napaka-snowflakes namn namin. MY goodness! Resign na ka na Lala Sotto!” netizen @alterkyahkyah commented.

“As someone who’s seeing a psychiatrist, it is infuriating to see this old hag man repeatedly make jokes about such a topic. Hope you rot in hell, Joey De Leon,” netizen @phenomenaJiaLy stated.

As of writing, E.A.T and MTRCB have yet to speak about the said incident.

In 2017, Joey also received criticism on social media after he made a statement saying that ‘depression’ was only an imagination of some people.

The veteran host was forced to make a public apology for his statement.


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