Oops! Sen. Robin Padilla viral matapos makitaan diumano sa gitna ng live ng asawang si Mariel Padilla

Senator Robin Padilla went viral on social media after several netizens noticed that the actor-turned-public official had a wardrobe malfunction during the live-selling session of his wife Mariel Padilla.

In the said live video which was now nowhere to be seen on social media, Padilla was accompanying his wife while showing the products they were selling.

When the camera was focused on Padilla, netizens noticed something when the senator looked downwards.

Thousands of netizens were surprised by the scene, but fortunately, the actress quickly deleted the video.

As of writing, the senator has yet to give any statement on the said incident.

It can be recalled that aside from being an actress and lawmaker, the Padilla family was also busy with their businesses online including selling and promoting products.

Currently, they’re also promoting a food supplement product to their followers online.

The actress started their business last year, saying that online selling was her ‘true calling’.


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