Friendship over! Sass Rogando Sasot calls her former close friend Thinking Pinoy: ‘Patabaing Baboy’

‘In politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, just permanent interest’

DDS Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot couldn’t contain her secrets against her former colleague and friend RJ ‘Thinking Pinoy’ Nieto.

In the past few months, Sasot took several swipes against Nieto, and on September 23, the international relations expert who was currently taking a doctorate degree in China already directly mentioned the latter.

“I told you RJ…you should have asked me how to execute “plausible deniability” masterfully… TP ka pa rin naman: TSISMOSONG PINOY,” said Sasot.

In another post, Sasot asked Nieto if he really accused her of receiving an allowance from First Lady Liza Marcos.

Sasot denied that the P100,000 monthly she received from Marcos was an allowance and insisted that it was a payment for her consultancy services.

“Thinking Pinoy, can you confirm na you told Bettinna, your buddy in London, that Liza Marcos was giving me 100K monthly ALLOWANCE, when in fact it was payment for the foreign policy consultancy work that she hired me for, which, by the way, happened because of your recommendation. Is PAYMENT FOR WORK the same as ALLOWANCE? A work that I did quite okay. Of course 100K pesos per month is NOT the standard consultancy fee in the Netherlands, my dear. It was a bargain,” Sasot asked.

She even called Nieto ‘patabaing baboy’ and even posted several screencaps of their messages to prove that she was right.

As of writing, Nieto who’s currently studying in Europe has yet to give any direct response to Sasot.

It can be recalled that Sasot and Nieto collaborated many times in the past to promote and defend former President Rodrigo Duterte before and after the 2016 presidential elections.

However, after the Duterte administration ended and was replaced by the new leadership under President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. they were noticeably distanced from each other.


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