GMA News receive criticism after revealing their ‘AI’ Sportscaster: “here are countless skilled humans capable of performing brilliantly in those tasks.”

Instead of astonishing the netizens, GMA Network received thousands of criticisms on social media after they revealed their newest sportscasters that are made of artificial intelligence.

In a Facebook post, GMA introduced the first ‘AI Sportscasters’ in the Philippines, Maia and Marco who will deliver the latest sports updates to the fans.

According to the report, Maia and Marco were products of a collaboration between GMA Integrated News, GMA News Media, and GMA Synergy.

They were set to appear in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Season 99.

“The introduction of the first AI sportscasters by GMA Integrated News is a groundbreaking initiative that significantly impacts our objective of ‘Mas malaking misyon, mas malawak na paglilingkod sa bayan.’ It aligns with our mission to serve all communities within the nation and promote inclusivity in our reporting,” GMA executive Oliver Victor Amoroso said.

“GMAIN’s adoption of AI technology also demonstrates our commitment to innovation in journalism. We embrace emerging technologies to stay at the forefront of the media industry by providing our audience with a modern and engaging sports news experience. Through this initiative, we continue to fulfill our commitment to providing valuable information and enriching the lives of Filipinos worldwide,” he added.

However, several netizens expressed disappointment as GMA prefered to build an AI instead of hiring real people for the job.

“This is unsettling. There are countless skilled humans capable of performing brilliantly in those tasks. Also, sports are heavily driven by passion, excitement, and human drama. An AI might lack the ability to convey the emotional highs and lows of a game, reducing viewer engagement,” netizen Derf Maiz said.

“I dont think this is something that the human race will be happy & enthusiastic about it. This is in fact a sad day for all of us. Technology are slowly replacing humans in all fields,” netizen Caesar Distrito commented.

“Nothing to be happy about here. It’s actually alarming, scary, and sad. This isn’t even worth praising and I stand my ground. Technology should always be “just” an assistance to humans, not replacement to humans,” netizen Omar Lacsamana remarked.

As of writing, GMA has yet to give any statement on the criticism they receive from netizens.


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