Sharon Cuneta inamin na mas kasundo niya si Frankie Pangilinan kaysa kay KC Concepcion: ‘Kaugali ko si Frankie’

Sharon Cuneta apologized to her husband Kiko Pangilinan and to their family after the issue caused by her eldest daughter KC Concepcion.

In a press conference for the upcoming reunion concert of Sharon and her former partner Gabby Concepcion, who’s KC’s father, the megastar clarified that while she was saddened by the issue, she would not side with any of her children.

However, Sharon said that she was only more close to Frankie because they have the same attitude.

“I don’t play favorites. Some people seem to think favorite daughter ko si Frankie, hindi. I love all my children equally. It’s just that, do’n lang tayo sa totoo. Kung sino ‘yong lagi mong kasama, lagi kong katabi, mayroon lang mas nakakasundo. And among all my children, ang kaugali ko si Frankie,” she said.

Sharon also reacted to KC’s statement where the latter said that she felt alone sometimes because both of her parents were already busy with their own families.

However, Sharon said that it was KC’s choice to stay away from them.

“It was her choice. Being alone was her choice,” she said.

As of writing, KC has yet to give response to the statement made by her mother.

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