Rendon Labador reacts to Baron Geisler’s concern to his mental health

Motivational Speaker Rendon Labador made a response to the statements made by actor Baron Geisler about the current state of his mental health.

On his only remaining social media page, Rendon questioned why Baron was worried about his mental health.

According to Rendon, he was the one who must be concerned about the public.

“Pati si Baron nalito na, ako nga yung nag aalala sa inyong lahat,” said Rendon.

It can be recalled that Rendon insisted that his only desire was to make the Filipino netizens ‘intelligent’ that’s why he was not afraid of making controversial comments against famous personalities in the country.

However, Baron said that Rendon must get professional help because the post of the latter ‘doesn’t look and sound right’.

“Sana mag focus siya sa mental health niya. Sana he gets help,” Baron who also faced several mental health issues in the past told his followers.

Baron returned to television after he successfully redeemed his image after addressing his mental health concerns.

In the past, Baron became a source of controversy because of some troubles he started.

Fortunately, the actor already decided to get help and admitted taking medicines to live normally.

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