Sharon Cuneta speaks up about KC Concepcion’s decision to unfollow Kiko and Frankie Pangilinan

Sharon Cuneta admitted that she was saddened after her eldest daughter KC Concepcion unfollowed her stepfather Kiko Pangilinan and half-sister Frankie.

During the press conference for her upcoming concert ‘Dear Heart’ together with her former husband Gabby Concepcion, the megastar said that she would refuse to elaborate on some information about the alleged feud between KC, Kiko, and Frankie.

“Some things have to stay within the family, so you cannot expect me na siraan ko ang anak ko. I will never do that,” said Sharon.

“Lahat ng tao nagkakamali. As long as an apology is sincere and you take accountability for it, whatever it is – this is for all my children – I will always forgive and I will always embrace you with open arms,” she added.

Despite what happened, Sharon said that she respected the decision of KC and vowed to protect her.

It can be remembered that KC admitted that she unfollowed Frankie and Kiko because she wanted to have peace of mind.

“So, wala naman po akong gustong ikuwento pa apart from the fact na, ako, I just want peace of mind, I want to be happy. I want my family to be happy. Ang gusto ko lang maging light, masaya, ayoko ng maraming drama, ayoko ng maraming hindi… yung forgiveness kasi sa family, important din yun siguro para maging okay yung takbo ng relationship ng lahat.” said KC.

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