200 students in Bohol allegedly experienced ‘Sapi’ or mass hysteria

200 students in Bohol were allegedly affected by a mass hysteria during a mass held at the San Jose National High School Friday.

According to Talibon Bohol Mayor Janette Aurestila-Garcia, the said students were rushed to the Garcia Memorial Provincial Hospital (GMPH) after some of them showed signs of hysteria and fainted.

In a video posted by Atty. Lenard Querubin who witnessed the said situation, narrated the story on his social media followers.

“I personally witnessed this “Mass Hysteria” as they say, just this morning in San Jose National High School, Talibon, Bohol where a huge number of students exhibited unusual behaviors and fainted while attending the Holy Mass,” said Querubin.

Most netizens assumed that the said students were influenced by bad spirit during the mass.

Mass Hysteria was a phenomenon that took place in large groups and mostly showed signs of fainting and anxiety at the same time.

Several factors could have contributed to the said incident, including stress and social pressure.

As of writing, experts have yet to give any explanation on the cause of the mass hysteria in Bohol.

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