Andrei Trazona reacts to her mother Izzy Aragon’s criticism against her: “‘I wanna live my own truth and someday you will be proud of what I will become.”

Andrei Trazona couldn’t her sadness after she received criticism from her own mom, former Sexbomb dancer Izzy Trazona for her decision to become a drag queen.

In a Facebook post, Andrei admitted that she lied when she told the press that her mother supported her decision to come out as a member of the LGBT community because she wanted to protect her.

Andrei also shared that she already not receiving support from her mother and living on his own way.

“I LIED IN AN INTERVIEW that she supports for what I am and for what I do just to protect her from any backlash but there’s no point in protecting her because the truth came out straight from her…” Andrei wrote.

“As much as I love you, you know that I don’t wanna live in a lie. I’m sustaining myself for years now and I am living responsibly honest. I’m tired of this conversation about me being gay and doing drag. I wanna end this argument by saying that “| wanna live my own truth and someday you will be proud of what I will become.

“I love you so much mom but this isn’t healthy for me anymore. I hope someday you will understand how it feels to be in my shoes. I miss you but you’re not bringing me any comfort and compassion I deserve.”🤍

It can be recalled that Izzy pointed out that she wanted to introduce ‘God’ to her son because she wanted to save the soul of Andrei.

“Sino ba naman magulang ang gustong mapahamak ang anak? When all your motive is to save them sa mas masakit na pwede nilang maranasan. Ang buhay na wala si Kristo. Andrei anak, I love you so much to not support you on things that will harm you. I am always here for you…your mama, mahal na mahal kita,” Izzy said.

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