Allan K, sinabi na nag-host siya noon sa Eat Bulaga ng mag-isa lamang: “Ang lakas ng bagyo non”

Former Eat Bulaga host Allan K shared one of his memorable moments while hosting the longest-running noontime show.

In an interview, Allan K said that during that time, there was a strong typhoon that struck the country, but as a talent, he felt that he was still obligated to report to work as a host of Eat Bulaga.

However, when he arrived at the studio, he was surprised that he was the only present host.

“Yung pinaka most memorable experience ko talaga sa Bulaga.. May isang bagyo na pagkalakas lakas, kinabukasan sobrang lakas talaga ng bagyo na pagdating ko sa broadway, ako lang mag-isang tao sa mga host,” he said.

But because Eat Bulaga still needed to be aired, Allan decided to carry the show alone.

“Wala pang mga host, but the show kailangan ng umere,” said Allan. “Alam mo bang umere ang show na ako lang mag-isa so super adlib, para kang nag stand up comedy lang,”

Allan’s performance during that day impressed the Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc. that they gave him his own segment after his solo hosting.

“After that day nagkaroon ako ng portion na hinahawakan everyday.. pinag host na ako,” he stated.

The comedian hosted Eat Bulaga from 1995 to 2023 and is currently part of TV5’s noontime show E.A.T.

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