Rendon Labador asks himself after being also banned from Google: “Saan ba talaga ako nagkamali?”

Rendon Labador’s social media accounts were slowly being banned one by one amid the mass report campaign launched mostly by ‘It’s Showtime’ fans against the motivational speaker.

It can be recalled that Rendon celebrated the 12-day suspension imposed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to It’s Showtime, gaining the wrath of its fans.

On September 7, 2023, Rendon’s Facebook page which consisted of millions of followers was disabled, and a day after, his email was also removed by Google.

Rendon’s Tiktok page was also banned on the social media giant platform.

Even Labador already asked his followers what mistake he had made to receive such a tremendous setback.

“Saan ba talaga ako nagkamali?” said Labador. “Kawawa talaga ang Pilipinas kung wala ako,”

“Hindi na tama yan. Hindi reasonable ang mga dahilan ng mga pagrereport ninyo. Pati email banned na ako,” he added.

As of writing, Rendon’s Facebook was still not visible, a sign that his appeal was not yet being heard by the social media platform.

Despite what happened, several fans and critics believed that Rendon’s page would be back soon as he only exercising his freedom of speech.

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