Jay Manalo denies that he’s a ‘boy toy’ of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia: “Check muna nila kung pamilyado ba yung ginagamit nilang name.”

Actor Jay Manalo had denied that he was a ‘boy toy’ of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia who was facing accusations from Cebu-based doctor Rowena Burden.

In her Facebook post, Burden published a blind item against a certain actor who’s allegedly having a secret relationship with Garcia.

In an interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph), Manalo said that he didn’t even know Garcia personally so it was impossible for him to have a relationship with the politician.

“Hindi ko talaga siya kilala, kahit sino sa kanilang dalawang magkaaway,” said Jay.

He also said that he rarely visited Cebu and his last travel there was to attend a basketball event.

Jay also asked the Doctor not to drag him into the controversy.

“Please, huwag ninyong gamitin ang name ko dahil pamilyadong tao ako. Never akong napupunta sa Cebu,” the actor plead.

“I really don’t know her and I never met her. Hindi ko siya kilala personally at never kami nag-meet niyan,” he added.

Meanwhile, Burden clarified that she was not referring to an actor with ‘JM’ initials, but with ‘AC’, so obviously she was not referring to Jay.

“The initials are CA, not JM. JM, my friends find acceptable. CA unanimous decision against,” the doctor said.

Jay reacted to Rowena’s clarification and he was thankful that she cleared his name.

“Salamat kay Burden kung sino man siya. Well, balita yan, e, wala tayo magagawa diyan. Sana lang, check na muna nila kung yung tao bang idadamay nila ay pamilyado o hindi,” he stated.

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