‘Ka Wonder’ family vlog receives criticisms after involving their child in one of their content

Netizens called out ‘Ka Wonder’ vlog after they published a prank video involving one of their children.

The said content creators who were known for making scripted family-friendly content had disappointed the netizens after they released a ‘mature’ prank.

The video they published this week, showed the husband who discovered his wife covered with a blanket while doing up and down motion, making it appear like someone was making love beneath the covers.

When the husband uncovered the blanket, it showed his wife was together with one of their children.

Netizens couldn’t hide their dismay after watching the video, calling the internet celebrities as ‘irresponsible’ for involving their children in such content.

“Dina po nakakatuwa mga upload nyo, may halo nang SPG…pero sabagay kahit bata ayaw nmn siguro manood ng video nyo,” netizen John said.

“This is a friendly reminder. When you are creating a content just to make sure it is in appropriate and do not involved your children in the scene where they are exhibit a malicious things. Be mindful po. I’m not a basher but I am one of your supporter. Just accept my comments wholeheartedly for your growth,” netizen Reymark commented.

As of writing, the people behind ‘Ka Wonder’ has yet to give response to the criticism they receive.

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