Judy Ann Santos, pinuri ng netizens matapos turuan ang kanilang anak na sumakay sa public transpo

Judy Ann Santos’ parenting style had been praised by netizens after the award-winning actress taught her daughter Yohan Agoncillo to ride public transportation.

In her social media post, Judy Ann shared photos during her commute with Yohan to prepare her daughter for her college life.

They ride a jeep and bus to let Yohan experience how normal Filipinos travels everyday.

“Next in line.. bus transpo. Bakit? Dapat alam lahat ng klaseng transportasyon pauwi at papunta…,” she wrote.

She also tagged her husband E.A.T host Ryan Agoncillo on her post.

Netizens praised Judy Ann for teaching a valuable lesson to her child by teaching her to commute even if they could afford private transportation.

“I salute you Judy Ann. With your status, you are training them how to live simply,” netizen Elizabeth said.

“Tama po yan para kahit mayaman ay marunong magcommute hindi maarte. Saludo ako sa inyo Ms. Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo,” netizen Sharon commented.

“Saludo ako s gnitong tao khit mayaman n yung kaya pa din ipa experience s mga anak nila ang pagiging makamasa or ang simpleng pmumuhay,” netizen Yhanz remarked.

It can be remembered that Judy Ann and Ryan’s graduation advice to Yohan went viral, saying that college life would make their child realize so many things in life.

“As you enter another chapter in your life as a college student, a lot will change.. there will be a lot of ups and downs.. but all these will make you a better and responsible person.. mom and dad will always be here to support and cheer you on in every step of the way.. we love you so much and we appreciate all that you do,” the celebrity couple wrote.


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