Hindi kulong? Roderick Paulate films his first movie since being convicted for graft

Former councilor of Quezon City Roderick Paulate appeared in public again several months after he was convicted of graft last January.

It can be recalled that Paulate was found of committing ghost employee hiring during his term as a councilor.


The actor was sentenced by the court to at least 10.5 years up to 62 years, but Paulate reportedly appealed its decision.

On August 15, B617 management shared the return of Paulate in showbiz as a cast of In His Mother’s Eyes movie.

The return of the actor on television was a sign that the sentence against him was delayed.


Paulate remained mum on the issue he was facing and only his friend Carmi Martin shared the reaction of the veteran actor.

‘I believe in prayers,’ Martin quoted Paulate’s message to her.

Veteran columnist Cristy Fermin also defended Paulate, saying that it was impossible for the latter to use his position to gain money as he was already rich when he entered public service.


“Alam n’yo po kami po ay matagal na sa mundo ng entertainment, nasubaybayan po namin ang ugali at kung anong klaseng tao ‘tong si Roderick Paulate,” said Fermin.

“Kami po ang makapagsasabi at marami pang iba na napakalinis po ng kanyang imahe at wala po siyang anumang kuwento na sadlakan tungkol sap era, sa mga kaso. Napakalinis po ng kanyang pangalan para sa amin,” she added.

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