Kim Atienza addresses Pura Luka Vega: “I hope you develop the emphathy”

Television host Kim Atienza responded to the statement made by drag queen Pura Luka Vega who just recently declared as persona non grata in Manila City and other places in the Philippines.

Pura went viral on July 10, 2023, after he uploaded a video of his ‘Ama Namin Remix’ performance while wearing a costume similar to the religious icon Black Nazarene.

The drag queen criticized the said decision and insisted that he saw nothing wrong in his performance.

“Tell me EXACTLY what I did wrong. I’m open for a dialogue and yet cities have been declaring persona non grata without even knowing me or understanding the intent of the performance. Drag is art. You judge me yet you don’t even know me,” said Pura.

Kim favored the decision made by the Manila City Council against Pura, but he didn’t forget to also urge the drag queen to change himself for the better.

“Hi Luka. We haven’t met yet but I wish you well. I sincerely hope you develop the empathy to know how deeply offensive your “art” is to the majority of Filipinos. This has nothing to do with drag or gender but how you disrespected Jesus and His prayer we so revere,” said Kim.

Kuya Kim also reminded the netizens not to criticize Pura so much.

“As Christians we are to hate the sin but love the sinner. We are all sinners and fall short of His glory,” he said.

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