Some netizens believe that Wally Bayola intentionally utters profanity as a diversionary tactic

Several netizens believed that Wally Bayola intentionally uttered profanity during one of the episodes of ‘Sugod Bahay’ segment as a diversionary tactic in favor of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board chair Lala Sotto.

On August 10, several Kapamilya fans called the attention of MTRCB after Wally suddenly cursed during the popular E.A.T segment.

A day after the incident, MTRCB quickly summoned TVJ Productions to explain why E.A.T should not be suspended from television.

While many netizens praised MTRCB for their quick response, some were still suspicious that the issue was intended to boost the image of the agency’s head and to portray herself as a ‘fair’ leader.

“Feeling ko sinadya yung pagmumura ni Wally Bayola para ipatawag sya keme ng MTRCB at matabunan yung issue n bias si Lala sa show ng daddy nya. So scripted para ipatawag sya,” netizen Melanie said.

“SCRIPTED. Naipit yung chairman ng mtrcb/anak ng host ng EAT sa recent issue with Showtime, kaya need nila magmukhang “FAIR” sa public so they orchestrated this “pagmumura” and Wally Bayola is the most convenient “sacrifice” becoz of the “you-know-why”. Oh, come on, it’s 2023,” netizen Ernie wrote.

Lala is the daughter of one of TVJ Production owners, Tito Sotto, who’s also one of the hosts of E.A.T.

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