‘Mariterpreter’ Dr. Richard Mata translates Pastor Dimver Andales issue

Pediatrician and internet celebrity Dr. Richard Mata translated the issue about Pastor Dimver Andales of the Lapasan Baptist Church who was facing controversy after being linked to the demise of a 23-year-old graduating student in Cagayan de Oro.

It can be recalled that Andales has been linked to serious accusations after several conversations circulated on social media showing the alleged affair of the pastor with the victim’s girlfriend Jone Orog.

The said conversation was using Cebuano language so many netizens were still clueless about the issue.

Fortunately, Dr. Mata gladly translated the conversation to shed light on the controversy being faced by the preacher.

In the said conversation, it was indicated that Joro was accused of being aware that her boyfriend was already being targeted because of the jealousy from the pastor who was allegedly her ‘sugar daddy.’

The family of the victim also reportedly started to be suspicious when Joro refused to cooperate with the authorities on the investigation.

Another post showed that Orog was already being suspected by the victim’s family and she only pretended to mourn to mask her involvement.

The next images shared by Dr. Mata, showed that the pastor reportedly asked Orog to choose between him and the victim.

It was rumored that the issue started when Orog posted about a college ring, which reportedly triggered the jealousy of the pastor.

Meanwhile, Andales already denied the accusations against him and believed that the rumors being shared about him were politically motivated.

He also asked his legal team to find the people spreading the said rumors so he could press charges against them.

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