Claudine Barretto binatikos si Raymart Santiago: “He started being not a good father again”

Claudine Barretto criticized her estranged husband Raymart Santiago for not being a ‘good father’ again.

In an interview with Karen Davila on August 10, Claudine shared that Raymart was already getting her approval in the past as a father to her biological son Santino, and adopted children Sabina, Quia and Noah.

However, Claudine said that Raymart started to become a bad father again.

“We’re going through the process now of annulment. Everything was OK na—we would talk and all—then I don’t know, for some reason, he started being not a good father again. He was trying before e,” said Claudine.

She revealed that Raymart was not visiting their children even if the actor was allowed to visit anytime.

Claudine also questioned why Raymart wanted to get the custody of their children even if she’s allowing her former partner to see the kids.

“Anytime or any day that he wants to see the children, even nung bata pa sila, OK lang—alam niya ‘yon. Actually, we even told the judge that and the mediator. That’s why I don’t understand why he is trying to get custody of my children up to now.” she said.

It can be recalled that Claudine and Raymart’s relationship started to fall out in 2013, seven years after they decided to marry each other.

Claudine claimed that one of the reasons why she decided to end her marriage with Raymart was the actor’s withdrawal of her money.

“We all know what happened sa amin ni Raymart—that he withdrew all the money and financially, I was really, really struggling. ‘Yun ‘yung nilalaban ko ngayon ulit, to get back my money,” she said.

Meanwhile, Raymart said that he decided to be separated with Claudine because of the latter’s demand to file charges against her sister Gretchen Barretto.

“The final straw that caused our marital breakup was when Complainant imposed upon me to sue the latter’s sister, Gretchen Barretto, for alleged derogatory remarks made by her against our children,” Raymart said in his affidavit.


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