Dennis Padilla, may seryosong babala kay Gerald Anderson: “Yang girlfriend mo, anak ko yan”

Dennis Padilla reminded Gerald Anderson that he should show some respect to him as the father of his girlfriend, Julia Barretto.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Dennis insisted that Gerald should talk to him if ever the Kapamilya actor decided to marry Julia.

“Kausapin n’ya ako. Dapat kausapin ako ni Gerald Anderson. Kailangan ‘yon,” said Dennis.

He even narrated that Gerald avoided him several times when they had a chance to meet and talk to each other.

“There was a time, si Andrew E., I think, nagkita sila sa event ni Gerald. Ang sabi ni Andrew E., ‘Gerald, kausapin mo naman si tito Dennis mo, gusto ka lang namang makausap nu’n.’ Ang sabi ni Gerald, ‘yes, tito Andrew.’ Pero hindi naganap,” Dennis narrated.

There was also a time when the two attended the same basketball event, but Gerald still didn’t talk to him even if the actor was fully aware that the father of his girlfriend was there.

He suspected that Gerald was playing safe and do not want to upset Julia or Marjorie Barretto.

“Siguro mas mahalaga sa kanya na good shot kay Marjorie, Pero sa’kin kahit bad shot siya okay lang,” he said.

As of writing, Gerald has yet to give any response to the statement made by Dennis.

It can be recalled that Dennis and Julia didn’t see each other for several years already because of personal reasons.

Dennis tried to reach his daughter many times but his efforts turned out to be a failure.




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